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Bill Stout's Legends of the Blues Card Set - ( to order click here )


In this boxed set of trading cards, acclaimed artist and writer William Stout captures the soul and unique personalities of 50 amazing musicians and vocalists—some famous, some obscure—but all true legends to aficionados of the blues. Stout’s eclectic selections—all personal favorites—are exquisitely rendered in ink and watercolor.

A concise performer biography is featured on the back of each card. Stout’s long and diverse career encompasses projects from underground comix, album/CD covers, and countless book and magazine illustrations to Hollywood film design and even painting in Antarctica. 

Featured performers: Muddy Waters (a different image than the box cover), Albert AmmonsKokomo ArnoldFred BelowBig MaceoBig MaybelleLucille Bogan (Lucille Anderson, aka Bessie Jackson), Eddie Boyd (Edward Riley Boyd), Tiny Bradshaw (Myron Bradshaw), Clarence “Gatemouth” BrownCharles BrownRoy BrownIda Cox, Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup, Cow Cow Davenport, Walter DavisBo Diddley (Ellas Otha Bates, later Ellas McDaniel), Willie Dixon (William James Dixon), “Georgia Tom” Dorsey (Thomas Andrew Dorsey, Champion Jack Dupree (William Thomas Dupree), Blind Boy Fuller (Fulton Allen), Jesse Fuller (a.k.a. Lone Cat), Lowell Fulson (a.k.a. Lowell Fulsom, Lowell Fullsom), Jazz Gillum (William McKinley Gillum), Guitar Slim (Eddie Jones), W. C. Handy (William Christopher Handy), Slim Harpo (James Moore), Wynonie HarrisScreamin’ Jay Hawkins (Jalacy Hawkins), Rosa Henderson (Rosa Deschamps), Bertha “Chippie” HillBillie Holiday (Eleanora Fagan), Earl Hooker, John Lee Hooker, Lightning Hopkins (Sam Hopkins), Walter “Shakey” HortonHowlin’ Wolf (Chester Arthur Burnett), Helen HumesAlberta Hunter, Elmore James (Elmore Brooks), Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon (Frank Devera Jackson), Lonnie Johnson (Alonzo Johnson), Pete JohnsonRobert Johnson, (Robert Leroy Dodd), Louis Jordan, Albert King (Albert Nelson), B. B. King (Riley B. King), Huddie “Leadbelly” Ledbetter, J. B. Lenoir, and Meade Lux Lewis (Meade Anderson Lewis). 

And if you enjoy this card set, you’ll want Bill Stout’s equally engaging companion deck, MORE LEGENDS of the BLUESfeaturing a different FIFTY giants of the genre! Also check out R. Crumb’s classic Heroes of the Blues card set.

Bill Stout's MORE Legends of the Blues Card Set - ( to order click here )


Celebrated artist/writer William Stout captures the riveting personas of 50 brilliant musicians and vocalists in this collectible boxed card set—a perfect companion to his LEGENDS of the BLUES card set. From famous to forgotten, all performers featured are genuine legends to blues aficionados. Stout’s eclectic selections are exquisitely drawn in vibrant watercolor and ink, with concise biographies on the flip side of each card. Stout’s illustrious career encompasses areas as diverse as underground comix, album/CD covers, and countless book and magazine illustrations to Hollywood film design and even painting in Antarctica. 

Feartured performers: Ma Rainey (a different portrait that the one on the box cover), Smiley Lewis (Overton Amos Lemons), Lightnin’ Slim (Otis Verris Hicks), Little Walter (Marion Walter Jacobs), Lonesome Sundown (Cornelius Green), Willie MabonSara Martin (a.k.a. Margaret Johnson and Sally Roberts), Percy MayfieldPapa Charlie McCoyJimmy McCracklinMississippi Fred McDowellMemphis Slim (John Len Chapman, a.k.a. John “Peter” Chatman), Amos MilburnJosie MilesLittle Brother Montgomery (Surreal Wilford Montgomery), Hambone Willie Newbern, Robert Nighthawk (Robert Lee McCollum a.k.a. Robert Lee McCoy), Robert PetwayJimmy Reed, Blind Joe Reynolds (Joe Sheppard or Joe Leonard), Jimmy Rogers (James A. Lane), Bessie SmithClara SmithMamie Smith (Mamie Robinson and Little Mamie Gardner Smith), Pinetop Smith (Clarence Smith), Victoria SpiveySunnyland Slim (Albert Luandrew),

Tampa Red 
(Hudson Woodbridge a.k.a. Hudson Whittaker), Montana Taylor (Arthur Taylor), Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee (Sounders Terrell & Walter Brown McGhee), Henry Thomas (a.k.a. Ragtime Texas), Big Mama Thornton (Willie Mae Thornton), Bessie Tucker, Big Joe Turner, T-Bone Walker (Aaron Thibeaux Walker), Sippie Wallace (Beulah Thomas), Baby Boy Warren (Robert Henry Warren a.k.a. Johnny Williams), Washboard Sam (Robert Brown), Dinah Washington (Ruth Lee Jones), Ethel Waters, Casey Bill Weldon (a.k.a. Kansas City Bill), Bukka White (Booker T. Washington White), Reverend Robert WilkinsBig Joe Williams, Robert Pete WilliamsSonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee Curtis Williamson), Sonny Boy Williamson II (Aleck Ford; a.k.a. Aleck “Rice” Miller), Jimmy Witherspoon, and Jimmy Yancey.

And if you enjoy this card set, you’ll want Bill Stout’s equally engaging companion deck, LEGENDS of the BLUESfeaturinga different FIFTY giants of the genre! Also check out R. Crumb’s Heroes of the Blues card set.

R. Crumb's Weirdo Trading Card Set - ( to order click here )

2019 Denis Kitchen Publishing / Graphitti Designs - First Printing

A super-cool set of 40 cards in a nifty gift box depicting all of R. CRUMB’s unforgettable WEIRDO cover art (both published and unpublished). The back side of most cards feature bios, images, and Freaky Factoids relating to the legion of other underground and outlaw cartoonists besides Crumb himself who contributed to WEIRDO, including DREW FRIEDMAN, JUSTIN GREEN, KIM DEITCH, ALINR KOMINSKY-CRUMB, CAROL TYLER, PETER BAGGE, DORI SEDA, JIM WOODRING, S. CLAY WILSON, MARY FLEENER, BOB ARMSTRONG, SPAIN RODRIGUEZ, STANISLAV SZUKALSKI, JOHN HOLMSTROM, J.D. KING, JULIE DOUCET, HARVEY PEKAR, MARK ZINGARELLI, DIANE NOOMIN, PHOEBE GLOECKNER, KAZ, and STILL others!

A perfect companion to the acclaimed Last Gasp book on WEIRDO magazine written and designed by Jon B. Cooke, the same Eisner Award-winning guy who assembled this card set! 

R. CRUMB’s WEIRDO CARD SET is identical in format to R. Crumb’s other three boxed card sets: Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats, and Pioneers of Country Music, all from Denis Kitchen Publishing, which you may already be familiar with. The Weirdo card sets contain 40 trading cards (+ 3 bonus cards) in a nifty 3” x 4” x 7/8” box. The Weirdo cards are co-published by Denis Kitchen Publishing & Graphitti Designs.

ISBN # 978-0-578-50555-8 — Retailers: Inquire about wholesale discounts.

Denis Kitchen's Chipboard Sketchbook - ( to order click here )x

Following on the heels of THE ODDLY COMPELLING ART OF DENIS KITCHEN, an overview of the pioneering underground cartoonist (Dark Horse Books, 2010), DENIS KITCHEN'S CHIPBOARD SKETCHBOOK is comprised of the peculiar drawings on "chipboard" that Kitchen has done below the radar for many years. Chipboard is the heavy, grainy card stock at the base of writing tablets. The artist started the habit of drawing on this unlikely substance during long, often boring production meetings at Kitchen Sink Press, his former publishing company, when he would flip his notes tablet over and doodle with a combination of the only tools at hand: a Sharpie pen and fine-point uni-ball pen.

With subject matter often extremely bizarre, or, in his own words, even "demented," Kitchen filed these away for many years. They were seen only his close friends and colleagues until this collection.

Measuring 6 1/4 x 8 3/4 inches, the book features an extra thick 3 mm cover stock (chipboard, of course) with a de-bossed cover image and horizontal belly band. The full-color 128-page hardcover was edited and designed by Greg Sadowski and art directed by John Lind. The same pair won an American Graphic Design Award for their work on Underground Classics (by Kitchen & James Danky, Abrams, 2009).

The Grasshopper and The Ant: A Beat Classic by Harvey Kurtzman - ( to order click here )


                                                          and the Ant
                                                          BookHarvey Kurtzman put a distinct Beatnik perspective into his adaptation of the Æsop fable "The Grasshopper and The Ant." The brilliant solo short story, drawn in vibrant watercolor and ink, is one of Kurtzman's finest creations. The story originally appeared in Esquire in 1960 at a greatly reduced size, making the panels difficult to read. It remained a lost classic for over forty years. Till now.

The pages in this DKP edition are reproduced directly from the exquisite original artwork and are published full-size. Each color panel is highlighted by a "spot varnish" on matte opaque paper. In reality the work is truly being seen for the first time. The introduction by Denis Kitchen demonstrates that the story has strong autobiographical elements: MAD-creator Kurtzman's legendary workaholic nature (The Ant) and his flirtation with the '50s Beat Movement (The Grasshopper) parallel the comic-tragic plot of this timeless tale. 80 pages 10-inch square hardcover with dust jacket. Shrink-wrapped. $25.00

The Sketchbook Adventures of Peter Poplaski, with an Introduction by R. Crumb - ( to order click here )
Poplaski is an "artist's artist," widely admired by the comics industry cognoscenti. He drew ten definitive BATMAN and SUPERMAN covers for the historic Sundays and Dailies series co-published by DC Comics & Kitchen Sink Press in the '80s and '90s. He was Kitchen Sink's Art Director for many years, working closely with and designing books for Harvey Kurtzman, Will Eisner, Milton Caniff, R. Crumb and other cartooning giants. Poplaski authored and designed the recent Best-Seller (100,000+ copies 1st month), THE R. CRUMB HANDBOOK (MQP Publishing). Poplaski's eccentric penchant for dressing in costume as ZORRO was pictured in both the New York Times and New Yorker and captured earlier in the pages of Crumb's Hup! and within this sketchbook.

The bottom line is that Poplaski is an extraordinary artist in his own right. The Sketchbook Adventures of Peter Poplaski contains several hundred finely detailed observations of people and places, many in the small town in France where he lives, near Robert and Aline Crumb, two of his biggest fans. Others professionals contributing back cover blurbs: Will Eisner, Frank Miller, Mark Schultz and Harlan Ellison.

Hardcover with dust jacket. 208 pages. The case-bound cover is silk-screened in three colors. Fully illustrated throughout. From Denis Kitchen Publishing. ISBN # 0-9710080-4-3.

Signed Spirit Serigraph "RIver of Crime" from Will Eisner - ( to order click here )
One of the most dramatic Spirit "splash pages" ever is now available as a limited edition serigraph (a fine art silkscreen print) from DKP. This dramatic worm's-eye perspective is from the November 30, 1947 story called "River of Crime." As The Spirit is bathed by a trademark street lamp, he shields himself from a pounding EisenWill Eisner's
                                                    Last Serigraphshpritz as the rain water propels his logo into a grated gutter in the foreground. Comic book aficianados regard this as an all-time classic image.

ONLY 150 "River of Crime" silkscreens were produced with co-publisher Bernard Mahé (France) and ONLY 75 of those ARE AVAILABLE for ALL of the Western Hemisphere! Those seventy-five (mostly odd numbers) are available exclusively from this web site while they last. By avoiding distributors DKP can offer this artwork directly to you for an astonishing $100.00 --- considerably less than any earlier prices!

(For comparison, Kitchen Sink's two Eisner serigraphs sold for $250.00 over a decade ago and currently bring $750.00.)

This ten-color serigraph was printed in Switzerland on 300 gm Arches 88 paper measuring 16.5 inches wide by 23.5 inches high. Each is SIGNED and NUMBERED in pencil by comics legend Will Eisner.

R. Crumb Trading Cards - 36 Character Set  - ( to order click here )

Thirty-Six different characters
with short histories on the reverse! Robert Crumb T
                                                    CHARACTER TRANDING
                                                    CARDSrading Cards is the perfect gift or addition to the collection of any even half-serious Crumb fan. The boxed set is very similar in format to the popular Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats and Pioneers of Country Music card sets also published by Denis Kitchen Publishing and available here and from specialty retailers everywhere.

Featured characters include... the mysterious guru Mr. Natural; his loyal devotee Flakey Foont; The Nerds; Pete the Plumber (and his sidekick Plungo); Whiteman and Yeti the Bigfoot both from Homegrown Funnies; Ruff Tuff Creampuff; the raining Meatball from Zap #0; Shuman the Human; Dirty Dog; Smelly Old Cat; The Desperate Character; Mr. Appropriate (way ahead of his time on the ecology front); Vulture Demoness (the dominatrix from Big Ass #1-2); Eggs Ackley (whose eyeballs were stolen by crows in Motor City #1); Sally Blubberbutt; Fritz the Cat (star of the Ralph Bakshi animated cartoons who was then permanently killed in People's Comix); Those Cute Little Bearzy Wearzies (Jippo and Boopsy); The big-foot character from Keep on Truckin'; Onion Head; Patricia Pig; Forky O'Donnell (you don't want to have lunch with this guy!); Squirelly the Squirrel; Cheesis K. Reist, star of 'Hamburgers!'; Boingy Baxter; The Simp and The Gimp; Ruth Schwartz (the original "gurl" in Big Ass #1 who later helped Flakey Foont institutionalize Mr. Natural in Mr. Natural #3); Devil Girl (from before she had a line of candy); Mr. Snoid; Angelfood McSpade, The Old Pooperoo; Dale Steinberger the Jewish Cowgirl; Joe Blow (from the infamous Zap #4 bust); Little Johnny Fuckerfaster; Bo Bo Belinski (the drunk, not the baseball player); and Robert Crumb himself (a nice self-portrait, but he's also a regular cast member).

                                                    BLUES TRADING CARDS
Heroes of the Blues Trading Cards by R. Crumb (2004 edition)
- ( to order click here )

Thirty-six of the most important and influential early American blues musicians and groups are featured in this wondreful card set. HEROES OF THE BLUES consists of color portraits by celebrated artist Robert Crumb, with biographical information by music historian Stephen Calt on the reverse of each card.

The set is housed in a sturdy and attractive box for permanent protection. Charley Patton, Memphis Minnie, Roosevelt Sykes, Son House, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Big Bill Broonzy, Barbecue Bob, Blind Willie McTell, Mississippi John Hurt, Cannon's Jug Stompers, and the Memphis Jug Band are among the many featured.

Each portrait is lovingly and accurately rendered. An all-New DKP printing. The shrink-wrapped sets also make perfect gifts for any musician or blues fan. Only $10.95. Two follow-up sets (Early Jazz Greats and Pioneers of Country Music) below, make a complete set!

Pioneers of Country Music Card Set by R. Crumb - ( to order click here )
                                                  COUNTRY MUSIC TRADING
Forty legendary and obscure country music pioneers painted by R. Crumb with biographies on the reverse by music historian Richard Nevins. (These are similar to Crumb's Heroes of the Blues and Early Jazz Greats boxed sets.)

Featured are such well known acts as Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family (A.P., Maybelle and Sara), along with long neglected groups whose sprightly names alone evoke foot stomping and tub thumping: Gid Tanner & the Skillet Lickers, The Happy Hayseeds, Ernest Stoneman & his Blue Ridge Corn Shuckers, and Al Hopkins and his Buckle Busters.

All the colorful groups are lovingly drawn by the inimitable underground cartoonist and are printed on a heavy stock and packaged in a nifty full-color box, also designed by Crumb. These are back in print for the first time in over twenty years. From Denis Kitchen Publishing. ISBN # 0-9710080-5-1 Price: $10.95

3-D "Major Arcana" Poster by Denis Kitchen
- ( to order click here )

This extraordinary 3-D pos3D Poster Major
                                                  Arcanater has fifty distinct levels of depth, believed to be a record for analglyphic 3-D imaging. In any event (who counts levels?) it is guaranteed to be a mind-blower. Underground cartoonist Denis Kitchen originally drew this hypnotizing image as a full-color psychedelic album cover in 1975 (for the short-lived Major Arcana band headed by the late Jim Spencer).

The image was also utilized as the splash panel for Kitchen's contribution to the surreal underground comic book Mondo Snarfo a short time later. In 1999 Kitchen worked with Roger May (Spirit 3-D, Steve Canyon 3-D, Xenozoic 3-D) to convert it to 3-D and this poster became the debut product of Denis Kitchen Publishing Co.

The 13 inch by 17 inch poster comes with 3-D glasses and both are shrink-wrapped on heavy board. Great GIFT for anyone who appreciates surrealism and complex visuals or perfect for that relative or friend who looks like he/she must smoke pot! (Also available as signed print.)

R. Crumb's Mr. Natural Postcard Book - ( to order click here )MR. NATURAL
                                                  POSTCARD BOOK BY R.

MR. NATURAL POSTCARD BOOK. Twenty-four images were hand-selected and newly colored by Robert Crumb for this great postcard collection! All are different -- no duplicates like many postcard collections. All feature Crumb's most famous and enduring character! The 4" x 6" postcards are on heavy cardstock (not those cheap-o flimsy cards you hate). As he has done since the 1960s, cartoon mystic Mr. Natural provides pithy insights and observations for various occasions and moods, sometimes joined by devotee Flakey Foont and Devil Girl. $11.95 (less than 50 cents per card!) Perfect gift for hippies or New Age mystics of any age. Individual postcards also available.

                                                  VINTAGE POSTCARD BOOK
Reading Comics Postcard Book of Vintage Photos
                            - ( to order click here )

24 Vintage Postcards Depicting America's 2nd Favorite Preoccupation   

Rare vintage photos, most never before seen, all depicting people engaging in American's 2nd favorite preoccupation! Included are Hollywood leading men, child stars, a rock star, and a famous cartoonist. But the real stars of this compilation are the assortment of goofy-looking everyday folks who can't take their sometimes-bulging eyes off our favorite medium.  Tongue in cheek text on reverse sides by Denis Kitchen
Capitol Hell Political Monsters Postcard Book - ( to order click here )

CAPITOL HELL Crossbreeds America's Favorite MONSTERS with its Favorite (?) POLITICIANS!

Jaded Americans can find some respite from incessant 2008 presidential campaigning with CAPITOL HELL, a simultaneously creepy and hilarious 24-image postcard book by satirist Pete Von Sholly.

The recombinant DNA of current White House occupants, presidential aspirants from each party, pundits and others are mixed with classic horror and sci-fi flicks in the author's inky lab. Skin-crawling monstrosities result:
                                                    SHOLLY'S CAPITOL
                                                    HELL POSTCARD BOOK
· Rudy Giuliani as Nosferudy
· Hillary in The Attack of the Fifty-Something Woman
· Dr. McCainlove takes a nosedive
· The Gorelem comes back from the dead to save Earth
· I Married a Mormon from Outer Space
· The party faithful will never let Ron Zombie die
· The Clintonsteins double feature
· Barack Obama in The Empire Strikes Black
· Maher's Attacks!...
· Condie Rice IS The Wicked Witch of the West Wing and
· See Dickula administer a fatal Colinoscopy!

Plus! Thirteen other hybrids, featuring George Bush (41 and 43), Fred Thompson, Michael Moore, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, John Kerry, Karl Rove, Al Sharpton, Jon Stewart more Dick Cheney, John Edwards and yet others!

Li'l Abner Character Buttons (Set of 7)
- ( to order click images below )

This set of seven pinback buttons feature many of the leading characters from Al Capp's famous comic strip: Li'l Abner Yokum himself; his long-suffering girlfriend and eventual wife Daisy Mae; bumbling detective Fearless Fosdick (the Dick Tracy parody who appeared as a strip-within-a-strip); The Shmoo, a lovable and remarkably fecund creature who loved "hoomanity" too much for either's good; The Kigmy, who desired nothing more than a swift kick in the ass; Joe Bfstplk, the eternal jinx with a perpetual cloud over his head; and Sadie Hawkins, the Dogpatch old maid whose desperation to catch a husband spawned a race and national holiday.

Each colorful button is 1.25 inch in diameter. Two are drawn by Frank Frazetta. $17.50 (set of seven). Over 200 other cool buttons available (including other Capp, Crumb, Barks, Aragones & many others) at the Denis Kitchen Archives.

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